Multiscale Video Quality Estimator (MVQE) Software

A. Murat Demirtas, Amy R. Reibman, Hamid Jafarkhani

MVQE is a quality assessment method to estimate the quality of a corrupted video with a different resolution compared to the reference video. MVQE computes the quality without resizing the corrupted and the reference videos. MVQE can also be used when the videos have the same resolution. Detailed description is provided in the following document:

A. M. Demirtas, A. R. Reibman, and H. Jafarkhani, "Full Reference Video Quality Estimation for Videos with Different Spatial Resolutions," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, vol. 26, pp. 1988-2000, Nov. 2016.

The MATLAB implementation of MVQE will be available here. You can download it free of charge, change it as you like and use it anywhere if you refer to its original source. The downloaded file is a zip file that contains ".m" files and a "README.txt" file . The "README.txt" explains the installation and the usage of the code.